Our Services

Building your Relationship with Government

Our client’s prospects of success are enhanced when our team of Government affairs specialists apply their deep knowledge and understanding of Government to ensure alignment between commercial and business objectives, and Government priorities and policy.

Our Government Relationship Team work with the Ministries on behalf of our clients obtaining the necessary permissions, permits and approvals for a wide range of services.

Lobbying for Change

PRC also provides a unique lobbying service actively approaching the Government with opportunities that address the King’s 2030 Vision.

Corporate Strategy Specialists

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a unique market that requires careful consideration in order to formulate success.

Our Corporate Strategy team focus on assisting our clients to develop robust, yet tactically achievable strategies that take into consideration not only local customs and norms, but also ensure the timeframes which are set are achievable. This approach ensures alignment between multinational corporation board expectations and government process, policy and procedure.